Made especially for not sharing with friends and family our littleist cake is the perfect birthday treat. Can be eaten with a fork on your own or cut into  8 to 10 portions and is perfectly freezable.


  This weeks flavour is peaches and cream, 3 layers of vanilla sponge, Home made peach jam and clotted cream swiss meringue butter cream. 


  These are decorated with beautiful, edible flowers from our garden, berries, piping and 3 handmade macarons.


 Best eaten within 5 days,  Best stored in the fridge but eaten at room temperature.  To freeze, wrap slices in cling flim and store in the freezer for up to 1 month.

Lockdown Celebration cake,Peaches and cream



    Order your cake online from Saturday 10am to Monday 8pm for the following friday 


    We will only be taking orders for the week ahead


    We will have a limited number of each order so please book early (i.e Saturday 10am) to avoid dissapointment.


    Unfortunately we unable to offer any other flavours, variations or sizes



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