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Ready, steady - OPEN!! 🥳🍰

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

We're so excited to announce Ladyvale is opening at 12 Chi Tennyson, Plen Tennyson, Nansledan, Newquay!

Save the date - we're officially opening on Tuesday the 9th of July, so please come on down to meet us then!

Ladyvale logo on wall with child standing in front
Our beautiful daughter with her brand new Ladyvale apron!

Our new café will be serving beautiful cakes (obviously), coffee, loose leaf teas, home-made soft drinks, scones and light bites. We have gluten free and vegan specials as well, so don’t worry - there’ll be something for everyone!

Announcing: The Cake Club! 🍰💝

We're excited to be launching a new membership club! It costs just £12 when you sign up in store - and for that you get a Ladyvale re-usable coffee-cup (more about those below!) , a membership card, and exclusive offers every month.

Sound tasty? There'll be more details coming soon - sign up to our email newsletter to be first in the know!

Doing our bit 💚🌱

Important announcement - because we're trying to create as little waste as possible, we won’t be providing takeaway cups or selling drinks in bottle or cans. We always feel so lucky to be running a successful business that we love right here in Cornwall – but cafés like ours are often culprits for a lot of single-use waste.

Instead, we'll be selling locally-roasted coffee, and creating home-made soft drinks which can either be enjoyed in the café, or taken away in eco-friendly, reusable cups - please bring your own, or pick up one of ours in the bakery - they're ordered and on their way, can't wait! They're made of recycled paper coffee cups and are recyclable as well!

To start with, we’re going to have to provide single use cake boxes for take-outs (we highly encourage our customers to bring their own containers, obviously!), but we’re actively searching for a re-usable solution to this. We think it’s only right that we do our little bit to help, by reducing our waste and buying and supporting local produce wherever possible, which is better for our local community and the planet at the same time.

We love local! 🥰🌹

We’re so excited to be growing our family business in Nansledan. We’re extremely passionate about our community, taking on locally trained people and sourcing local products for the café as much as possible.

Our reusable cups are manufactured by Cornish product design company ashortwalk.

Our coffee is from Yallah, who run a sustainably sourced single origin roasters based near Falmouth.

Our aprons have been embroidered by St Mawgan Embroidery Company and we think they looks absolutely fabulous!

The flowers that decorate my cakes are often from my own kitchen garden - so they change with the season!

Stay tuned for more about our locally trained new recruits - we can't wait to show what they've been up to in their brand spanking new kitchen!

✨🍰 ✨🍰 ✨

We've put such a lot of hard work and effort into the Ladyvale bakery and can't wait to share it with you - so head on over on the 9th of July! See you soon!

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