Pure, Natural Luxury

We are passionate about creating cakes that not only look beautiful but also taste amazing​ and we have spent many years experimenting, tweaking and improving our recipes.


  Each cake is baked as close to your day as possible, filled with delicious buttercreams, home made jams, caramels and decadent fillings, Finally decorated with fresh flowers, home made macarons and seasonal berries.


We design your cake to complement your day. You can choose to have a single, double or triple tiered cake or a set of pretty individual cakes.


Here's an idea of prices, these include flowers to suit your theme, seasonal fruits, handmade macarons and touches of gold leaf.

Two Tiers:

Small to serve 35 


Medium to serve 50 


Large to serve 80 


Three Tiers:

Small to serve 65


Medium to serve 100


Large to serve 150


Single Tiers:

 Small to serve 20


Medium to serve 30 


Large to serve 50 


All prices are approximate, please email ladyvalebakery@hotmail.com to discuss your big day.

Serving size is approximately a 1inch by 2 inch by 3.5 inch slice.

Delivery can be arranged.

MR & MRS PAYNE (591)
MR & MRS PAYNE (591)

Min Photograph by Dan Warn